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At the heart of the Society’s work is a commitment to giving microbiology a voice, so we can shape our work and influence change.


SfAM publishes 5 top peer-reviewed journals with our partners at Wiley. Find out more about them and how to get access to them here.


SfAM members gain access to a wide range of grants to assist in the costs associated with carrying out microbiology and associated activities such as attending conferences and outreach.


Latest News and Resources

28 Sep 2021
Microbiology roundup: September 2021

In our new column, Hannah Goldswain looks at the latest microbiology research, including the cutting edge of COVID-19 research, antibiotic resistance and the gut microbiome.

19 Sep 2021
Summer Student Placement Scholarship: an invaluable opportunity

Işıl Ezman applied with their supervisor for an SfAM Summer Student Placement Scholarship

18 Sep 2021
Summer Student Placement Scholarship: 3D printing the future

Sean Dynes made use of a Summer Student Placement Scholarship to explore how 3D printing can be used in medicine and microbiology.

17 Sep 2021
SfAm Summer Student Placement Scholarship: growing confidence

Rachael Burton’s lab internship was at the University of Plymouth’s microbiology department with Dr Philip Warburton, funded by an SfAM Summer Studentship Grant.