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At the heart of the Society’s work is a commitment to giving microbiology a voice, so we can shape our work and influence change.

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SfAM publishes 5 top peer-reviewed journals with our partners at Wiley. Find out more about them and how to get access to them here.

Piggy bank grants


SfAM members gain access to a wide range of grants to assist in the costs associated with carrying out microbiology and associated activities such as attending conferences and outreach.


Latest News and Resources

Art of Science Agar Art
05 Aug 2022
The Art of Science

Kelly Capper-Parkin used an Outreach and Engagement grant to demonstrate the art found in microbiology and beyond.

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25 Jul 2022
FAQ: change in publisher in 2023

Frequently Asked Questions on the change in publisher of Journal of Applied Microbiology (JAM) and Letters in Applied Microbiology (LAM).

Weijie Zhou.jpg
13 May 2022
A last chance to attend a conference after the pandemic

Weijie Zhou had given up help on attending a scientific conference before the end of their PhD, but thanks to an SfAM Scientific Conference Abstract Scholarship, was able to attend an international conference!

Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere
23 Mar 2022
The missing piece of the puzzle: cell culture in CO2

Dr Cerith Jones used an SfAM Small Research Projects and Equipment grant to purchase a vital piece of equipment in their investigations into antimicrobial activity of animal feed additives.