Environmental Microbiology Reports

Environmental Microbiology Reports (EMIR) is an online only sister journal of Environmental Microbiology, that publishes papers reporting significant advances which can be documented concisely through a limited amount of text and a small number of displays. Essential information not central to an understanding of the key message of the paper will be published as Supporting Information.

Edited By: Kenneth N. Timmis, Paola Bonfante, Thomas K.Wood, Jay Lennon, David Berry, Frank Stewart, Julie Huber, Alyson Santoro, Nicole Webster, Juan L. Ramos, Antoine Danchin, Jesse Shapiro, and Michael Galperin

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17 Oct 2018

Climate change: a catalyst for global expansion of harmful cyanobacterial blooms

Cyanobacteria are the Earth's oldest known oxygen‐evolving photosynthetic microorganisms, and they have had major impacts on shaping our current atmosphere and biosphere...


17 Oct 2018

Local and regional factors influencing bacterial community assembly