Find out how SfAM is ensuring its governance structure is changing with the changing world.

Delivering the society’s charitable objectives and governance of the charity is the responsibility of the board of trustees. A governance review, assisted by external consultant Lucy Devine, covered the structure, operations, and practises of the society to ensure that we are best serving the interests of our members and maximising member involvement with SfAM.

The aims of this review were to:

  • Ensure that the structure of our governance is optimal in enabling the society to deliver its aims efficiently
  • Ensure the society is doing all it can to maximise equality, diversity, and inclusivity within the organisation
  • Ensure full transparency in decision-making and full accountability for those decisions
  • Ensure that the society’s articles of association best reflect best practise in a modern world

The Executive Committee has approved a number of changes which began to take effect after the 2019 annual general meeting (AGM) held at FEMS 2019 (10th July 2019).

  • Amendments to the Executive Committee and subcommittee structure and the processes through which we form those committees
  • Updates to The Society Articles of Association (Articles) and Rules

A primary goal of the review was to ensure that committee structure within the society’s governance best allowed for efficient operation in carrying out SfAM’s charitable objectives. Therefore, part of this review has introduced a new subcommittee within the governance structure:

  • Scientific Programmes Subcommittee

The Scientific Programmes Subcommittee has been renamed from the Meetings Committee, to better reflect the additional responsibilities of this group.

The last element of this work is nearly complete, ie creating a set of procedures and terms of reference documents to support SfAM’s constitution, ie its Articles.   This set of documents will be called SfAM’s Rules. The Executive Committee (the Trustees) are responsible for the Rules, and they welcome comment from the Members. 

You can find the Rules here.