Though SfAM was founded and is based in the UK, the society's membership has a global reach, with members from countries worldwide. SfAM's aims to promote microbiology for all, regardless of the country they reside in, and this section contains tools and information of use to those who want to help us extend our goals to an international reach.

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International membership
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International capacity building fund
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Microbiology Literacy Knowledge Framework
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Council for At-Risk Academics


Our international activities

24 May 2019

A voice for Africa at Canadian Microbiome conference

Blog  Environmental Microbiology 

14 May 2019

SAFEWATER for everyone

Article  Microbiological environmental monitoring & control  Environmental Microbiology  Bioremediation to clean air, water & soils  Water microbiology 

01 Jan 2018

CaSE response to consultation on the impacts of international students in the UK

26 May 2017

Policy Lunchbox: Access and Benefit sharing through the Nagoya Protocol