Who we are

The Society for Applied Microbiology is the oldest microbiology society in the UK, serving microbiologists around the world, and in partnership with Wiley, publishes five internationally acclaimed journals.

As the voice of applied microbiology, SfAM’s core vision is to drive improvements in the applications of microbiology so they contribute to addressing the significant challenges facing humanity. Our values include equality, diversity and inclusivity, collaboration to amplify impact, scientific integrity, evidence-based decision-making and political neutrality.

Our members are at the heart of our Society, working and studying in organisations across the world. We draw on their unique knowledge and expertise to help shape future activities and develop evidence-based policy in our priority areas of microbiology, both in the UK and across the globe.

SfAM values integrity, honesty, and respect, and seeks to promote excellence and professionalism and to inspire the next generation of microbiologists.

The Society is managed in participatory way by the members through an Executive Committee which is supported by a team of administration staff.

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The Society’s governing document is its Articles of Association, which provides the charitable objectives and legal and operational governance requirements of the Society’s activities. We are also preparing a set of Rules to accompany the Articles. These will be published here as soon as possible.

There is an Annual General Meeting (AGM) of members, which is currently held during the Annual Conference, each July.

A PDF of our latest Annual Report can be accessed here and previous reports can be accessed by searching for the relevant year in the resources section of the site or by using the search icon at the top. You will need Adobe Acrobat to view these files.

01 Jul 2019

Annual Report 2018