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Educational Resources Grant 2018

Terms and Conditions

1. The project must clearly demonstrate how it will effectively engage and educate future microbiologists. The proposal must include a comprehensive description of how the success of the project will be evaluated.

2. SfAM must be acknowledged in any publications/communications that arise from the work. In addition, a feature report about their SfAM funded work (500 to1000 words) must be provided for Microbiologist magazine.

3. Applicants should have been a Full or Student Member of the Society for at least 2 full years prior to submitting an application.

4. Applicants may only apply for this grant once in any two year period. Proposed projects must start at least six weeks after the application submission.

5. A successful candidate will receive funds payable to their institution only. Claims for reimbursement must be made within 6 weeks of the date of the project. Claims made after this period will not be paid.

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