Effects of microbial biosurfactants on the human skin microbiome, by Simms Adu

11 August 2020 12pm – 12.30pm Webinar
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Simms Adu presents Micro-Talks: Effects of microbial biosurfactants on the human skin microbiome

Simms is a Ph.D. researcher at Ulster University, Coleraine, Northern Ireland. Simms completed his undergraduate degree in Biosciences and Biotechnology (majored in biology) from the University of Camerino, Italy in 2019 and currently works with the Microbial Biotechnology Research Group at Ulster University. His doctoral research focuses on the potential beneficial effects of microbial biosurfactants on the normal human skin microbiome.


Micro-Talks is a new seminar series spearheaded by the ECS committee, and aims to be a platform to highlight the work of ECS members. 

Talks will be 15 minutes long and targeted at a broad microbiology audience. It will be hosted as a webinar with a Q&A session afterwards, both of these will then be available to view on the SfAM website for the week (and will later be added to our archive of talks).