SfAM members gain access to a wide range of grants to assist in the costs associated with carrying out microbiology and associated activities such as attending conferences and outreach.

SfAM administers grants to help SfAM members with a variety of needs including training, meeting support, career development and assistance in attending conferences. There are different eligibility criteria and closing dates for each grant scheme, so please check each grants terms and conditions for further information about how to apply.

You can view all current SfAM grants by clicking the links on this page.

You must be a fully paid up member of the Society to be able to apply for all grants apart from the Outreach and Engagement Grants. To be able to access the grant application form, you must be logged in.

Grant applications are assessed by members of SfAM's Executive Committee who are usually considering many applications at any one time. To help the process, please keep your applications as clear as possible and provide all information that is requested.


PhD Hardship Award

The PhD Hardship Award is available as an emergency measure for Full, ECS or International Members of SfAM who are under the direction of a supervisor.

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Don Whitley ECS Travel Grant

This travel grant is to support ECS Members to attend SfAM events only.

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Don Whitley Committee Support Grant

This grant is to support SfAM committee members.

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Scientific Conference Abstract Scholarship

The Scientific Conference Abstract Scholarship enables researchers to present their work at international scientific meetings.

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Professional Development Support Grant

SfAM offers the opportunity for its members to apply for financial assistance in support of attending conferences, online or in-person training programmes to learn new techniques or acquire new knowledge, or online or in-person scientific meetings and workshops that are consistent with the Society’s objectives.

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Outreach and Engagement Grant

This grant is designed to support activities where aspects of microbiology are promoted to the general public and other relevant stakeholders.

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Small Outreach and Engagement Grant

This grant is designed to support activities where aspects of microbiology are promoted to the general public and other relevant stakeholders.

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Scientific Meeting Support Grant

The Scientific Meeting Support Grant aims to advance research in applied microbiology and encourage our members to promote and highlight innovations in applied microbiology at a local level as well as providing a networking opportunity for established scientists and students.

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Small Research Projects and Equipment Fund

The Small Research Projects and Equipment Fund is available for SfAM members supervising a postgraduate research student.

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Registration Fees Grant

The purpose of the Registration Fees Grant is to support members to attend an online or in-person applied microbiology scientific meeting.

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Small Event Sponsorship

We sponsor online or in-person events in applied microbiology, such as a 1-day meetings, workshops or lectures related to the Society’s objectives.

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Summer Student Placement Scholarship

The Summer Student Placement Scholarship offers undergraduate students and recent graduates the opportunity to obtain hands-on experience.

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International Capacity Building Fund

The purpose of the International Capacity Building (ICB) Fund is to provide resources to enhance education and training of applied microbiology in developing countries.


New Lecturer Research Grant

This grant is normally available for newly appointed lecturers, in their first permanent academic appointment in a higher education institute, to pump-prime their microbiological research.

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PhD Studentship 2023

SfAM wishes to support projects that will further the science of applied microbiology and undertake ambitious and novel research with a primary focus on tackling one of the Society’s significant challenges set out in the current strategy.

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Care Support Grant

The purpose of the Care Support Grant is to assist members with home responsibilities wishing to attend an appropriate online or in-person one day, applied microbiology scientific meeting.