Don Whitley Committee Support Grant

This grant is to support SfAM committee members.
  • Who can apply: Full, Early Career Scientist (ECS), ECS Undergraduate and International members 
  • Maximum award: £100. You do not need to apply for the maximum amount 
  • Deadline: n/a 

This grant is to support SfAM members who form part of an elected SfAM working group or committee to cover additional costs they may incur during their involvement and work with the Society. 

Please note: to be eligible for this grant you must be an SfAM member and elected to serve on an SfAM committee. 

Terms and conditions Terms and conditions
  1. Applicants must be members of SfAM and within an SfAM elected committee. 
  2. A maximum of £100 will be reimbursed in respect of costs occurred. You must provide a breakdown of actual costs and not simply just apply for the maximum amount. You may get paid less that you applied for and the final amount awarded is at the discretion of the Grants Administrator. 
  3. A claim form must be submitted and supported by all relevant receipts/invoices. These may be scanned, photographed or electronic receipts and may be emailed along with the claim form. No payment will be made without receipts. 
Application form

You must be a member to apply for this grant. If you are a member, please log in and return to this page to access the application form.