Don Whitley ECS Travel Grant

This travel grant is to support ECS Members to attend SfAM events only.
  • Who can apply: Early Career Scientist (ECS) and ECS Undergraduate Members

  • Maximum award: £100. You do not need to apply for the maximum amount

  • Deadline: prior to the meeting

This travel grant is to support ECS Members to attend SfAM events only. Please note: to be eligible for this grant you must be an SfAM ECS Member and have registered to attend the event.

Terms & conditions Terms & conditions
  1. Applicants must be SfAM ECS members.

  2. A maximum of £100 will be reimbursed in respect of travel only within the UK.

  3. Public transport travel must be booked within standard class, using the most economical fare. Substantial savings can be made by booking tickets in advance of the journey.

  4. Travel by car may be claimed at £0.45 per mile for the first 100 miles, and £0.25 per mile thereafter.  Taxis will only be paid for if no other option is available.

  5. Applicants must submit their claim within 6 weeks after the event, after which payment will be made.

  6. A claim form must be submitted and supported by all relevant receipts for travel costs. Paper receipts must be hard copy originals (not scanned copies) by post to the Society office. Electronic receipts/bookings may be emailed along with the claim form. No payment will be made without receipts.

  7. No reimbursement will be made in the event of failure to attend, or late submission of claim form.

Application form

You must be a member to apply for this grant. If you are a member, please log in and return to this page to access the application form.