Scientific Conference Abstract Scholarship

The Scientific Conference Abstract Scholarship enables researchers to present their work at international scientific meetings.
  • Who can apply: Full, ECS, ECS Undergraduate, International, Fellow and Life Members

  • Maximum award: £2,500. You do not need to apply for the maximum amount

  • Deadlines:  Applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the event start date.

SfAM offers the opportunity for its members to apply, on a competitive basis, for financial assistance in support of travel to conferences and associated scientific meetings that are consistent with the Society’s objectives.

The Scientific Conference Abstract Scholarship has no age limits but is primarily aimed at early career scientists studying applied microbiology or working in the field.

The Scientific Conference Abstract Scholarship is open to current members of the Society, regardless of their geographical location. To be eligible you must have been an existing member of the Society for at least one year at the time of making a grant application.

The primary purpose of the Scientific Conference Abstract Scholarship is to enable researchers to present their work at international scientific meetings.

The maximum individual grant is £2,500. Further funding from other societies can be sourced by the individual if more substantial costs are involved, but this information MUST be provided on the application.

The grant is intended to cover reasonable travel, travel insurance, subsistence costs and conference fees as necessary.

Scientific Conference Abstract Scholarships are allocated on a competitive basis and in relation to the funds available. The Grants Award Panel’s decision is final, and we are not able to enter into dialogue about our evaluation process. However, members are free to apply again.

Only one successful Scientific Conference Abstract Scholarship application is permitted in a 3-year period.

Applications are assessed on the basis of the following criteria:

  • The level of contribution to the conference (poster or oral presentation)

  • The level of grant support previously received from SfAM

  • The value of the conference to the applicant.

We ask all Scientific Conference Abstract Scholarship recipients to send a 500-word report and at least one image within 6 weeks of their return from the conference.

You may also be interested in our Care Support Grant, which provides additional funds to cover additional costs that you may incur paying for care that you usually provide.

Terms & conditions Terms & conditions
  1. The applicant must be an existing Full, ECS or International Member of the Society to be eligible to apply.

  2. The applicant must have at least one full year of membership history prior to submitting their application, and must not have lapsed on their membership at the time of application.

  3. The maximum amount available for the grant is £2,500, which will cover conference registration fees, accommodation (where it is not provided with the event), visa applications, poster-printing charges (up to a maximum of £40) and reasonable travel costs. Taxi fares will only be paid for if pre-approved BEFORE the event. Applicants may be required to fund other items of expenditure themselves. There will be ONE reimbursement of payment made, which will be for the total claim.

  4. For events where meals are not provided, meals may be claimed at a maximum rate of £30.00 per day. You may ONLY claim for the number of days of the conference plus one day e.g. for an event lasting 4 days you may claim 5 × £30. Although receipts for sustenance costs are NOT required, payment is not automatic. Please indicate on the claim form the number of days you are claiming for.

  5.  Any additional funding applied for, or awarded, must be declared to the Society and will be taken into consideration when the final claim for reimbursement is made.

  6. Applications must be submitted at least 6 weeks prior to the event start date.

  7.  A successful applicant cannot re-apply to the Scientific Conference Abstract Scholarship for 3 years from the date of application.

  8.  Preference will be given to members who have not received this award previously.

  9.  Applicants must contribute to the conference they are attending via poster or oral presentation and must display the logo of the Society for Applied Microbiology on any presentation. Applications must include proof of paper/abstract acceptance and a copy of the abstract.

  10.  Applications from members who are students must be supported by their supervisor(s). Applications that are not supported will be automatically rejected.

  11.  Applicants must clearly explain why they are applying for this grant, how it will benefit their research and any contribution they are making to the meeting.

  12.  The award of this grant is at sole discretion of the Grants Award Panel.

  13.  Applicants must upload a copy of their abstract and their abstract acceptance letter. (If the acceptance is not yet available this can follow but awards will be subject to evidence of acceptance being provided prior to the event).

  14. Payment will be made retrospectively after the event. The applicant must complete an expense claim form (available from the Society), which must be received by the Society within 6 weeks of the event, along with all relevant ORIGINAL receipts to support the claim. This should also include a copy of the attendance certificate. No payment will be made without this documentation.

  15. Applicants must provide a testimonial report of at least 500 words demonstrating how the grant has helped with their career development within 6 weeks of event completion with their claim form. No payment will be made without this article.

  16. In submitting the application, all applicants agree to reimburse the Society for any costs they may incur, should the applicant fail to attend the event or notify the Society of their inability to attend the event within 14 days of the start of the meeting.

  17. Reimbursement of expenses will be made as a single bank transfer directly into an appropriate bank account, normally in GB pounds sterling, euro or US/Canadian/Australian dollars. Under NO circumstances will intermediary banks be used.

Application form

You must be a member to apply for this grant. If you are a member, please log in and return to this page to access the application form.


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