Small Outreach and Engagement Grant

This grant is designed to support activities where aspects of microbiology are promoted to the general public and other relevant stakeholders.


  • Who can apply: Members and non-members of the Society

  • Maximum award: £300, intended for smaller events/activities such as one-off events/activities, or the final injection of funding to make an event possible. You do not need to apply for the maximum amount

  • Deadline: events must start at least 6 weeks after the application is submitted.

Outreach and Engagement Grant recipients are required to advertise SfAM as sponsors of the project and indicate clearly what type of publicity they will be able to offer SfAM.

This Outreach and Engagement Grant is open to members and non-members alike, regardless of their geographical location.

We do not consider applications for competition prizes

Terms & conditions Terms & conditions
  1. The project must clearly demonstrate how it will effectively engage the general public with applied microbiology, including a comprehensive description of how the success of the project will be evaluated.

  2. Non-members who apply for this grant should have been working in the area of Science Communication/Public Engagement for more than 1 year prior to applying for this grant.

  3. Applicants may only apply for this grant once in any 12-month period. This period starts on date of the previous application.

  4. Payment is made retrospectively following completion of the project. A successful candidate will receive funds payable to their institution only, except for exceptional cases. Claims for reimbursement must be made within 12 weeks of the date of the project completion. Claims made after this period will not be paid.

  5. Applicants must provide evidence in their application on how they intend to promote SfAM.

Application form

You must be logged in to apply for grants. Please log in and return to this page to access the application form. You do not need to be an SfAM member to apply for this grant but you will need to register for an account on our website.



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