Media training

SfAM works closely with the Science Media Centre (SMC) to enable scientists and experts to have access to the press and news media.

As part of this partnership, SfAM is encouraging its members to apply to the SMC's "introduction to the news media" event - a half-day workshop designed to familiarise scientists who have no media experience with how the media operates and how best to interact with the press. The training is free, and runs several times throughout the year.

During this training, you will hear from national news science journalists about what makes a story, what drives the news agenda and what they need from you – and you will get a chance to interrogate them on what drives you mad about the media. You will also hear from press officers working at the coal face of science communication, and from scientists who have worked with the media and lived to tell the tale.

The next training date will run on Thursday 25th June at the University of Sheffield from 1pm to 5pm (with arrival from 12:30 and a drinks reception afterwards until 6pm).

The training is primarily aimed at scientists who are at least partway into their career - i.e. not students - so if you are interested, please follow this link and email to register for the event!