Policy workshop (1 day)

This workshop highlights how the science of microbiology can inform and shape public policy and demonstrate how microbiologists can boost their impact through engaging with policymakers and the policymaking process.

Delegates of this workshop do not need any prior science policy experience. This workshop is open to members of SfAM and applications are particularly encouraged from scientists who are at the early stages of their career (PhD, post-doctoral researchers, new lecturers). Throughout the workshop, delegates will have the opportunity to engage with science policy experts from UK parliament and government and will participate in a group practical activity.

After this one-day workshop, you will understand:
  • The differences between parliament and government and how they make use of science
  • The different channels through which evidence informs policymaking
  • The role that SfAM play sin supporting the voice of microbiology and influencing policy stakeholders
  • How to communicate your research in a tailored way for policy audiences
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Unfortunately due to ongoing social distancing and lockdown measures in the UK, we are not currently gauging interest in this workshop.
Find out a little about our previous policy workshop here:
25 Nov 2019
Science Policy Workshop 2019

SfAM's first ever policy workshop held with the Microbiology Society was a roaring success.