Environmental Microbiology Lecture 2020

07 Oct 2020
BMA House, London

Nicole obtained her PhD in 2001 by researching the microbial ecology of Great Barrier Reef sponges and then undertook postdoctoral research between 2001-05 at the University of Canterbury / Gateway Antarctica where she investigated the utility of microbial symbionts as biomarkers for environmental stress in the Antarctic marine ecosystem. In 2005, Nicole commenced a research scientist position at the Australian Institute of Marine Science to assess the impact of environmental stress on model invertebrate symbioses and explore the role of microorganisms as inducers for settlement and metamorphosis of coral reef invertebrates. Nicole also holds a joint appointment at the Australian Centre for Ecogenomics at the University of Queensland where she leads inter-institutional research projects in the field of reef ecogenomics. Nicole’s research groups use experimental and field based ecological research to explore multiple facets of coral reef microbiology.  Metagenomic, metatranscriptomic and advanced imaging approaches are employed to understand reef invertebrates as ‘metaorganisms’ and translate this research into strategic tools for coral reef management.

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