Our vision is a future where microbiology is fully and readily applied to address the greatest challenges facing our world today including infectious disease, food safety and the health of our environment. To achieve this we support microbiologists to engage and cooperate with industry, research, education, policymaking and the general public.

Below you will find information on where you can get involved in SfAM‘s work on engaging the public, science policy and public affairs. The activities listed below form part of our approach to the priority areas identified in the Society’s 2018-21 Strategy. Also, keep an eye out for other advertisements such as opportunities to become a member of one of the Society's committees.

Latest issue of Microbiologist image
Latest issue of Microbiologist
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EMI Lecture 2019: Juan Luis Ramos
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Antimicrobial Resistance
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Diversity and inclusion
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Microbiology Literacy Knowledge Framework