Contingency/Emergency Fund 2020

Who can apply: Full, ECS, International and Life Members

Maximum award: £3,000

Deadline: There is no deadline for this award, but the project start date should be at least 5 weeks after submission.

This grant is available as an emergency measure for Full, ECS or International members of SfAM who are already studying for a PhD in applied microbiology under the direction of a supervisor. The funds will be used to contribute towards university fees where the student’s original source of funding has been disrupted or withdrawn.

The applicant can apply for up to £3,000 per annum for a maximum of three years (full-time study or equivalent if studying part-time). A full application will need to be made every year with justification and detailed progression status to be considered for continuation of the award.

Eligible persons will normally be working, taking time out to study or be self-funded researchers. The applicant will also be eligible for attendance at one SfAM conference towards the end of their study where a poster or oral presentation of their work must be presented.

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