Educational Resources Grant 2020

Who can apply: Members of the Society who have completed at least two full years of membership 

Maximum award: £5,000 per annum 

Deadline: There is no deadline for applications, but the proposed projects must start at least six weeks after submission of the application 

This grant is only available to Members of the Society who have completed at least two full years of membership.

The purpose of this grant is to provide funding for Society Members to produce resources that can be used in education and training in applied microbiology. In addition, the resources may also be used to promote microbiology with the general public.

Resources promoting microbiology that may be considered for support could consist of the following: personnel time and materials in the design, production and delivery of items such as software, books, videos, pamphlets and other items used in education.

Once any items are produced, Members will be expected to share these resources with other Society Members. The Society will facilitate this exchange, and potential projects that result in the availability of material which can be offered to Members via the Members-only section of the Society’s website will be particularly welcome.

Although the award will usually be just for a 12-month period, in exceptional cases, if the proposed project is suitable and further support is required after the first year, this may be considered and the applicant must submit justification for further funding support. The maximum award available is £5,000 per annum.

It is critical that applicants show in their application how the success of their project is to be evaluated. This must include measurable key success factors.

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