International Capacity Building Fund 2020

Who can apply: Full, International and Life members 

Maximum award: £5,000 

Deadline: Applications will be considered throughout the year 

The purpose of the International Capacity Building (ICB) Fund is to provide resources to enhance education and training of applied microbiology in developing countries.

Below are a few examples of situations which may be applicable for the ICB Fund:

  • SfAM members wishing to visit overseas laboratories and other facilities in developing countries. During the visit lectures and other educational activities will be undertaken.
  • SfAM members resident and working in developing countries wanting to visit appropriate laboratories to receive training in areas of applied microbiology.
  • SfAM members wanting to visit sites where it has clearly been identified that an important culture collection is in danger of being lost due to lack of resources. The member will provide training and advice to preserve the culture collection either in situ or within the country of origin.
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