Public Engagement Grant 2020

Who can apply: Members and non-members of the Society 

Maximum award: £3,000  

Deadline: There is no deadline to apply but events must start at least six weeks after the application is submitted. 

This grant is designed to support events where aspects of microbiology are promoted to the general public and other relevant stakeholders. Events eligible for support can be very diverse, from pieces of art to popular music, or funds may be used to aid individuals to attend and exhibit at public science festivals. The main criterion is that the event/activity must in some way promote the science of microbiology.

Eligible persons are Members and non-Members of the Society. Members should have no funding from any additional source. In addition, expert public engagement specialists/science communicators are also eligible to apply. This is provided that satisfactory evidence is produced concerning their expertise and provided that any suggested project has an element of applied microbiology within its theme.

The maximum award for this category is £3,000 and is normally a one-off payment.