“Wisdom is not a product of schooling but of the lifelong attempt to acquire it.” ― Albert Einstein
Houses of Parliament


SfAM enables microbiologists within our membership and beyond to connect with Government and Parliament, giving them a voice to help maximise the impact of microbiological research and application. 

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SfAM publishes 5 top peer-reviewed journals with our partners at Wiley. Find out more about them and how to get access to them here.


Microbiologist magazine

Microbiologist magazine is FREE to all

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News and blogs

SfAM offers commentary and analysis on some of the most interesting microbiological news and current affairs - as well as details on our work, members, grants and events.

On The Slide

Podcast - on the slide

SfAM members and guests discuss current topics, events and goings on in the world of applied microbiology.

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Awards and prizes

SfAM recognises the accomplishments of scientists and public figures in our key priority areas and on a range of microbiology issues.

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UK standards for microbiology investigations (SMI)

Public Health England produces a comprehensive list of recommended practices and standards for procedures in clinical microbiology. Find out more about SfAM's involvement in this process on this page.

Science in Parliament SiP

Science in Parliament magazine

SfAM Members gain access to the Science in Parliament magazine.