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05 Aug 2020
Finding antimicrobials from aquatic life

Alli Cartwright returns to discuss her experience finding antimicrobials in the world's waters.

07 Jul 2020
A final 'thank you' to all of you in every part of SfAM

“the best laid plans….”

23 Jun 2020
Women in Engineering: shaping our world

This International Women in Engineering Day, the NBIC has released a blog by environmental microbiologist Dr Katherine Fish.

11 Jun 2020
What's eating you?

Georgia Jones shares a little of her expertise into what happens in your body after death - and the organisms that take up residence when you're gone. Take a look at the post-mortem microbiome and decomposition process.

18 May 2020
An unseen threat in the race against the COVID-19 pandemic

ECS member Binod Rayamajhee talks about AMR in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.

23 Apr 2020
Board games: activities for self-isolation

ECS Secretary James Williamson takes a break from pandemic-related news with a lighthearted guide on the best board games for you to try in quarantine.

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