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29 Jul 2021
SfAM Summer Student Placement Scholarship: an experience with AMR

Zoe Dunphy's lab internship was in Trinity College Dublin's microbiology department, funded by an SfAM Summer Studentship Grant.

28 Jul 2021
SfAM Summer Student Placement Scholarship: exploring the world of research

Taylor Wellfare Reed looks back at their time as an SfAM Summer Student at the University of Sheffield.

09 Jul 2021
Dr McLean's primary school outreach

Dr Samantha McLean has been running ongoing outreach sessions with Whiston Junior and Infant School, bringing microbiology to the primary school classroom with the help of an SfAM Outreach and Engagement Grant.

08 Jul 2021
A memorial for David Post

SfAM was saddened to learn of the passing of life member David Post

21 Jun 2021
How does seawater influx elicit compositional and functional changes in plant associated microbial communities?

Damien Rivett recounts Lewis Browett's experience with an MRes during the project, support by SfAM's Small Research Projects and Equipment Fund.

01 Jun 2021
Developing a dynamic, ex vivo multi-species chronic wound biofilm model

Sarah Maddocks reflects on how SfAM's Small Research Projects and Equipment Fund enabled Andreea-Gabriela Nedelea's MRes project.

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