Oral evidence sessions

Various SfAM members have given oral evidence to Select Committees as expert witnesses

After a Select Committee receives written responses to inquiries or calls for evidence, Committees will often subsequently invite individuals or groups to give oral evidence as expert witnesses before the Committee.  

These sessions normally entail a question and answer format between members of the Committee panel and expert witnesses in order to explore the topic in depth.  

Oral evidence sessions are public hearings; whereby, members of the public can attend the session in person or can watch the session via Parliament tv

Below are some examples where SfAM members have been invited to speak at an evidence session following a written submission from SfAM. 


Oral evidence sessions can seem daunting, not unlike a job interview just with more interviewers and a public audience. However, these sessions have been designed for you to share your expertise so the Committee is keen to learn from you. 

  • The Committee specialist will provide you with background information, including a sense of what the Committee’s questions will likely entail, before the session. This will enable you to prepare your key points ahead of the session.   

  • If you do not know the answer to a question, do not feel compelled to respond.  It is okay to not know every answer to every question. It is better to say you do not know then to mislead or provide inaccurate information. In addition, there will be other experts with you who you can defer to if they know the answer.  

Further information on Oral Evidence Sessions can be found below: