COVID-19 response

We are investigating how Covid-19 has affected microbiology and related research areas, and the people who work in them, so that we can support the community going forward.

Like all other areas of society, microbiology has been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. SfAM established three Task and Finish Groups (TFGs) to assess key areas we identified as being impacted by Covid-19. We want to understand how the Society can support the microbiology community now and in the future.


Covid-19 social impacts and equality

Covid-19 has affected everyone differently. SfAM is exploring how we can support people in the microbiology community from all backgrounds and stages in their careers.


Ensuring other areas of microbiology continue

Whilst the rate at which research has progressed our understanding Covid-19 is inspiring, we need to ensure that other areas of research are not left behind

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Future preparedness

How can we prepare for pandemics or other global health crises in the future, and what can we learn from our response to Covid-19?