Membership grades

SfAM has 6 membership grades - find out more about them and how you can get involved.

SfAM has 6 membership grades:

  • Early career scientist membership is for those that are beginning their career in science, whether they are students, researchers, or new to the field.
  • Full membership offers all of our member benefits (see Reasons to join SfAM).
  • International membership is for those that reside outside of the UK.
  • Associate membership is for those with an interest in microbiology, but do not need access to all of our member benefits.
  • Life membership is a special membership grade that can be applied for by written application to the society.
  • Fellowship is awarded to scientists and public figures who have made an outstanding contribution to microbiology and the way we, the public, percieve it. Fellowship is awarded by invitation only.
two female scientists

Early career scientist membership

If you're still early in your journey into microbiology, then this is the membership type for you.

Scientists petri dish

Full membership

Full members make up the bulk of our UK membership.

International Scientists

International membership

We offer slightly different membership options catered to those who live outside of the UK.

Associate Teacher

Associate membership

Associate membership is available to all with an interest in microbiology.

Life Members Arthur G

Life membership

A special membership category for those who have retired from their post but still want to be involved.

Sir David Attenborough Lucy Mark Clare


Fellowship to the Society is a prestigious award given to those who have changed the face of microbiology or science as a whole.