You are eligible to apply for international membership if you reside outside of the United Kingdom. As a member you join a prestigious community that has a powerful voice in raising the profile of applied microbiology. Together we can ensure the applications of microbiology have an impact on the global challenges and issues that are important to us all.

The annual dues for International Members are priced according to World Bank economy tiers. For those outside the UK (includes all member benefits), membership is £60 per year, If you are based in a lower, lower-middle or middle income country (as defined by the World Bank here), we offer a discounted rate of £5, £30 or £45 respectively. International Members receive an electronic version of Microbiologist magazine only.

Each year the Society for Applied Microbiology also awards a large number of grants to our International Members to support further education, public engagement, and the presentation of research. The Society also provides assistance for International Members from overseas to attend SfAM meetings and conferences. SfAM grants are designed to help a more diverse, international community gain access to educational and professional opportunities in microbiology beyond the United Kingdom.

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