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13 Feb 2019

Everything you need to know about AMR

Do people really understand antimicrobial resistance? Robert Millar breaks down the history, science and current crisis, so you don't have to.

22 Feb 2019

Sexual health- view from the frontline

Dr Tristan Barber is a Consultant in HIV and Sexual Health at Chelsea & Westminster hospital. We asked him about AMR, public health funding and ‘super-gonorrhoea’.

PhD Vs illness image

17 Jan 2019

PhD Vs illness

Robert Miller found that juggling a long term illness while doing a PhD quite challenging. He has some tips and advice based on his experience.


Can you hear the Silent Spring? image

30 Jan 2019

Can you hear the Silent Spring?

The warnings to be found in Rachel Carson's Silent Spring makes us wonder if we're eradicating too many insects and microbes.

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SfAM Student Placement Scholarship image

19 Feb 2019

SfAM Student Placement Scholarship

Kirsty had no idea how transformative an internship could be, until she returned to the lab to brush up on her environmental microbiology skills.

2019 Blogs

14 Jan 2019

Learning from David Attenborough

01 Jan 2019

Is immunotherapy the key to curing cancer?

Blog  Medical Microbiology  Education  Antimicrobial resistance 

27 Nov 2018

Role of community pharmacists in fighting AMR


2018 Blogs

22 Nov 2018

At home with microbes

Blog  Microbiological environmental monitoring & control  Environmental Microbiology 

17 Nov 2018

Top 10 Tips for poster writing

Blog  Education 

31 Oct 2018

Cambridge Hands-On Science Summer Roadshow 2018

Blog  Education  16 to 18 years 

24 Oct 2018

Microbes in Space

Blog  Environmental Microbiology  Antimicrobial resistance 

22 Oct 2018

The future is phage?

Blog  Antimicrobial resistance  Biotechnology 

27 Sep 2018

Lab grown food of the future

04 Sep 2018

Superbugs - an Arms Race against Bacteria

Blog  Antimicrobial resistance 

29 May 2018

Dinosaurs Vs microbes

Blog  Role of microbes in veterinary medicine or animal taxonomy  Environmental Microbiology  Education 

15 Mar 2018

Growing fabric of the future

Blog  Water microbiology  Brewing 


2017 Blogs

19 Dec 2018

Overcoming challenges

13 Nov 2017

A Year Without Antibiotics

Blog  Antimicrobials  Antimicrobial resistance 

26 May 2017

Policy Lunchbox: Access and Benefit sharing through the Nagoya Protocol


27 Feb 2017

Pollen has a microbiome!

Blog  Microbiological environmental monitoring & control  Environmental Microbiology  Antimicrobial resistance 

17 Jan 2017

Microbiology of Lego


05 Dec 2016

Let Them Eat Dirt- Saving Your Child from an Oversanitized World