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Art of Science Agar Art
05 Aug 2022
The Art of Science

Kelly Capper-Parkin used an Outreach and Engagement grant to demonstrate the art found in microbiology and beyond.

SfAM logo TOC
25 Jul 2022
FAQ: change in publisher in 2023

Frequently Asked Questions on the change in publisher of Journal of Applied Microbiology (JAM) and Letters in Applied Microbiology (LAM).

Ice cold in Africa.jpg
22 Jul 2022
Ice Cold in Africa: The Experiences of a Nigerian Mycoplasmologist at the Botswana National Veterinary Laboratory

A Professional Development Support Grant enabled Isaac Olorunshola to gain some valuable skills - and experience an unexpectedly cold Botswana winter!

Annual Report Cover 2021.png
01 Jul 2022
Annual Report 2021

01 Jul 2022
2022 SiP SUMMER.pdf

June 2022 cover.jpg
01 Jun 2022
Microbiologist June 2022

Squid comic clip.png
16 May 2022
The adventures of Vibby and Rio

Funded by an SfAM Outreach and Engagement Grant, Sarah Wettstadt and Nicky Williams from the Microbiology Literacy Initiative created a short comic about the life of two Vibrio fischeri.

Weijie Zhou.jpg
13 May 2022
A last chance to attend a conference after the pandemic

Weijie Zhou had given up help on attending a scientific conference before the end of their PhD, but thanks to an SfAM Scientific Conference Abstract Scholarship, was able to attend an international conference!

28 Apr 2022
30-Second event survey

Fill in the form below to help shape the future of SfAM's events

Carbon Dioxide Atmosphere
23 Mar 2022
The missing piece of the puzzle: cell culture in CO2

Dr Cerith Jones used an SfAM Small Research Projects and Equipment grant to purchase a vital piece of equipment in their investigations into antimicrobial activity of animal feed additives.

10 Mar 2022
Member benefits suggestions 2022

SfAM logo TOC
04 Mar 2022
SfAM's statement on the invasion of Ukraine

Microbiologist March 2022 cover image.png
01 Mar 2022
Microbiologist March 2022

Jimena Larraguivel in Nosocomial Play
21 Feb 2022

Project Report to Society for Applied Microbiology by Dr Elaine Cloutman-Green and Nicola Baldwin on The Nosocomial Project

04 Feb 2022
Summer Student Placement Scholarship: crystallised knowledge

In summer 2021, Sara Lawrence got the opportunity to learn the ins and outs of a research lab, as well as fieldwork.

Eoin Barry.jpg
02 Feb 2022
Summer Student Placement Scholarship: a chance to hone skills

The chance to find out the difference between undergraduate practical experiments and academic research was one of the most valuable insights from Eoin Barry's Summer Student Placement Scholarship.

SfAM ECS logo med res Event.png
01 Feb 2022
Summer Student Placement Scholarship: new experiences

Victoria Wootton's project was starkly different to the experiments carried out during an undergraduate degree, gaining valuable experience thanks to an SfAM Summer Student Placement Scholarship.

01 Jan 2022
16th Congress of the Federation of Asian and Oceanian Biochemists and Molecular Biologists

Pivoting to an all-online format at the last minute was a challenge, but SfAM’s support ensured we were able to deliver the best, most interactive, virtual Congress possible.

20 Dec 2021
Roles and Responsibilities - President 2021.pdf

SiP Logo toc
01 Dec 2021
2021 SiP WINTER.pdf

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