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11 Apr 2019

Let us know what you think about how SfAM should be governed

10 Apr 2019

Parliamentary Links Day 2019

05 Apr 2019

CMO Dame Sally Davies given SfAM Fellowship

The Executive Committee of the Society for Applied Microbiology is delighted to announce Professor Dame Sally Davies as our 2019 SfAM Fellow.


05 Apr 2019

Professor Dame Sally Davies

03 Apr 2019

SfAM appoints new Policy Subcommittee members

The Society for Applied Microbiology is delighted to appoint three new members to the Policy Subcommittee

02 Apr 2019

The gut conundrum

Allison Cartwright was determinded to discover potential reasons behind being 'overweight'. As part of her enquiries, she had some of her gut microbes identified. What did she learn?

02 Apr 2019

SfAM publishes data on Executive Committee gender

The Society for Applied Microbiology publishes historical diversity data on the Society's Executive Committee

28 Mar 2019

Pharmaceuticals accused of 'spewing out nonsense' on antibiotic threat

Part of the pharmaceutical industry should be nationalised to force state-run utility companies to produce new antibiotics, argues Lord Jim O'Neill.

28 Mar 2019

SfAM Science Policy Internship

The Society for Applied Microbiology is offering an exciting opportunity for an enthusiastic member to develop skills for a career in science policy or communication.

26 Mar 2019

ECS members represent SfAM in UK Parliament

Four ECS members represented SfAM at the Voice of the Future event in March 2019

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