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10 Dec 2019

London's microbiota - a torch for Carting Lane

In a dive through SfAM's archives, we bring back some of the early articles from former president Martin Adam's popular series 'London's microbiota', which examines the microbial history of the UK's capital city.


05 Dec 2019

Professor Jennifer Doudna

02 Dec 2019

Operations and Governance Manager

01 Dec 2019

Microbiologist 2019 December

26 Nov 2019

My first conference - as an undergraduate

Hannah Brace-Thompson shares her experience of attending SfAM's ECS Research Symposium last year as an undergraduate - her first conference but certainly not her last!


20 Nov 2019

Name our table for the Royal Society of Biology’s Anniversary Gala Dinner

20 Nov 2019

Grants: we want to hear from you!

19 Nov 2019

How to play Microbiology Scramble

Dr Zubeyde Bayram-Weston from Swansea University piloted the game of ‘Microbiology Scramble’ at The Swansea Science Festival in October 2019 – find out how you can use this game in your public engagement events!

12 Nov 2019

Microbes: climate change accelerator or saviour?

Alli Cartwright weighs the heroes and villains of climate change - microbially speaking

Biotechnology   Geomicrobiology     Blog

01 Nov 2019

SfAM responds to DEFRA’s National Food Strategy – Call for Evidence

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