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22 Feb 2019

Sexual health- view from the frontline

Dr Tristan Barber is a Consultant in HIV and Sexual Health at Chelsea & Westminster hospital. We asked him about AMR, public health funding and ‘super-gonorrhoea’.

21 Feb 2019

Sepsis test offers hope for the future

Researchers at University of Strathclyde hope experimental 2.5-minute sepsis test could save lives

20 Feb 2019

RIP Professor Basil Jarvis (1936 – 2018)

Janet Corry looks back on the brilliant and colourful life of Basil Jarvis (8th December 1936 – 18th December 2018).

19 Feb 2019

SfAM Student Placement Scholarship

Kirsty had no idea how transformative an internship could be, until she returned to the lab to brush up on her environmental microbiology skills.

18 Feb 2019

Hard copy magazine

13 Feb 2019

Everything you need to know about AMR

Do people really understand antimicrobial resistance? Robert Millar breaks down the history, science and current crisis, so you don't have to.

12 Feb 2019

WH Pierce prize 1985- GB Shaw

12 Feb 2019

WH Pierce prize 1986 Colin R Fricker

12 Feb 2019

WH Pierce prize 1984- MD Collins

12 Feb 2019

WH Pierce prize 1989- Tom J Humphrey

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