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14 May 2019

SAFEWATER for everyone

How important is clean water to global health? Dr Bill Snelling and the SAFEWATER team talk to students to raise awareness.

Microbiological environmental monitoring & control   Environmental Microbiology   Bioremediation to clean air, water & soils   Water microbiology     Article

26 Mar 2019

ECS members represent SfAM in UK Parliament

Four ECS members represented SfAM at the Voice of the Future event in March 2019

Undergraduate and above     Article

06 Feb 2019

WH Pierce 2004: Andy Sails

Antimicrobial resistance     Article

06 Feb 2019

WH Pierce 2005: Andrew McBain

Antimicrobials   Antimicrobial resistance     Article

05 Feb 2019

WH Pierce 2009: Roy Sleator