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28 Feb 2019

Nosocomial- a Healthcare Scientist's perspective

SfAM spoke to to Elaine Cloutman-Green about Nosocomial- a devised play about AMR, diagnosis and the unseen work of healthcare scientists.

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17 Jan 2019

PhD Vs illness

Robert Miller found that juggling a long term illness while doing a PhD quite challenging. He has some tips and advice based on his experience.

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01 Jan 2019

Is immunotherapy the key to curing cancer?

Peter Green reviews The Reinvention of Coley's Toxins

Medical Microbiology   Education   Antimicrobial resistance     Blog

22 Nov 2018

At home with microbes

As an ECS Committee Member looks to enter the truly grown-up world of home-owner, she started to ponder what microbes were in her current family home and how these will differ from those in the house she will buy.

Microbiological environmental monitoring & control   Environmental Microbiology     Blog

17 Nov 2018

Top 10 Tips for poster writing

Your poster is an advertisement and short story of your work, so you need to make sure it is clear to read, accurate & engages the reader.

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16 Nov 2018

A greener lab footprint

ECS Committee Member Robert Millar looks at the carbon footprint of his own research and suggests ways to improve yours.

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31 Oct 2018

Cambridge Hands-On Science Summer Roadshow 2018

The Cambridge Hands-On Science (CHaOS) Summer Roadshow applied for a Public Engagement Grant to help finance their 2018 summer tour. Here’s what happened on the road!

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24 Oct 2018

Microbes in Space

Alli Cartwright, SfAM's ECS Publications Officer looks at the galactic intersection between space travel and microbiology.

Environmental Microbiology   Antimicrobial resistance     Blog

22 Oct 2018

The future is phage?

Antimicrobial resistance   Biotechnology     Blog

04 Sep 2018

Superbugs - an Arms Race against Bacteria

William Hall and Anthony McDonnell are the co-authors of Superbugs - an Arms Race Against Bacteria. They were both members of the core team who produced the Review’s seven reports published during 2014 - 2016.

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