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26 Jun 2019

Professor Dame Sally Davies honoured with SfAM Fellowship

CMO Professor Dame Sally Davies was honoured with the SfAM Fellowship Award.


25 Jun 2019

Time to celebrate!

We are delighted to receive great news about the SfAM journals.


16 May 2019

EMI Lecture 2019: Professor Juan Luis Ramos

The double life of Pseudomonas putida: ubiquitous soil bacteria and useful microbial chassis.

Environmental Microbiology     News

05 Apr 2019

CMO Dame Sally Davies given SfAM Fellowship

The Executive Committee of the Society for Applied Microbiology is delighted to announce Professor Dame Sally Davies as our 2019 SfAM Fellow.


21 Mar 2019

Tap water- source of bacterial contamination?

New study in Journal of Applied Microbiology examines presence of microbes in tap water from homes and office buildings.

Water microbiology     News

13 Mar 2019

WH Pierce 2019: Lindsay Hall

This year's WH Pierce Prize winner is....

Medical Microbiology   Antimicrobial resistance   Pharmaceutical Microbiology     News

30 Jan 2019

RIP Professor William Waites (1939 - 2018)

Professor William M Waites (18 Jul 1939 - 5 Nov 2018) was an expert on bacterial spores and president of the Society for Applied Microbiology in the early '90s. Christine Dodd looks back at his life and career.


25 Jan 2019

ECS Symposium – announcement of keynote speakers

The SfAM Early Career Scientist Research Symposium will be held in Manchester on 13 March 2019.

Education   Antimicrobial resistance   Undergraduate and above     News

19 Nov 2018

Former naturopath and coral scientist share John Maddox prize

A scientist who's documenting the grim decimation of the world’s coral reefs and a former naturopath turned whistle-blower on the alternative therapy industry have been jointly awarded the 2018 John Maddox Prize for their courage in promoting science and evidence

Environmental Microbiology   Education   Water microbiology     News

01 Jul 2018

WH Pierce 2018: Sarah Coulthurst

How to kill your rivals – Type VI secretion system-mediated bacterial warfare.

Antimicrobial resistance   Microbial pathogenesis & epidemiology     News

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