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19 Nov 2018

Former naturopath and coral scientist share John Maddox prize

A scientist who's documenting the grim decimation of the world’s coral reefs and a former naturopath turned whistle-blower on the alternative therapy industry have been jointly awarded the 2018 John Maddox Prize for their courage in promoting science and evidence

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01 Jul 2018

WH Pierce 2018: Dr Sarah Coulthurst

How to kill your rivals – Type VI secretion system-mediated bacterial warfare.

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16 Mar 2018

In memory of Louise Slaughter

Rep. Louise Slaughter, the only microbiologist in Congress, who championed women’s rights and American manufacturing for more than three decades as a Democratic congresswoman died Friday at George Washington University Hospital.

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03 Nov 2017

MMR and the media- a historical perspective

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26 Jul 2017

Study reveals air pollution can alter the effectiveness of antibiotics and increases the potential of disease

A study, published in the Society for Applied Microbiology's journal Environmental Microbiology, has wide implications for the treatment of infectious diseases, which are known to be increased in areas with high levels of air pollution.

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24 Mar 2017

Simple steps to stem killer bacteria

The School of Veterinary Science at the University of Bristol has published the results from its 3-year survey of factors influencing campylobacters in chicken broiler houses.

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