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16 Jun 2016

JAM Lecture 2016: Dr Max Dow

The DSF family of bacterial cell-cell signal molecules

Antimicrobial resistance   Microbial pathogenesis & epidemiology     Video

01 Jul 2015

WH Pierce 2015: Nicola Stanley-Wall

Biofilms: looking closely at the matrix


16 Oct 2014

EMI Lecture 2014: Professor Rita Colwell

Climate, Oceans, Global Warming and Cholera

Environmental Microbiology     Video

16 Oct 2010

EMI Lecture 2010: Professor Victor de Lorenzo

Programming soil bacteria to do amazing things

Environmental Microbiology     Video

09 Oct 2009

EMI Lecture 2009: Professor Sang Yup Lee

Systems metabolic engineering for a green chemical industry

Environmental Microbiology   Biotechnology     Video