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15 Nov 2018

Science policy briefing: The marine microbiome

The marine microbiome is the diverse community of microorganisms found in oceans and other marine environments. This briefing covers threats to marine microbes and their potential uses for industry.

Environmental Microbiology   Bioremediation to clean air, water & soils   Biotechnology  

22 Oct 2018

The future is phage?

Antimicrobial resistance   Biotechnology     Blog

27 Sep 2018

Lab grown food of the future

Allison Cartwright is SfAM's ECS Publications Officer. Here she looks at the potential for lab grown food to solve issues of sustainability.

Microbial fermentations and biotechnological applications in foods   Food Microbiology   Biotechnology     Blog

09 Oct 2009

EMI Lecture 2009: Professor Sang Yup Lee

Systems metabolic engineering for a green chemical industry

Environmental Microbiology   Biotechnology     Video