A memorial for Simon Park

A tribute and obituary to life member Simon Park

SfAM was greatly saddened to learn of the passing of long-time member Simon Park in October, aged only 57. Simon was a long-time member and supporter of SfAM, met his life partner Diane at an SfAM meeting in Nottingham and was also joint winner of the W.H. Pierce Prize in 1999. Simon was also a keen artist, and his adventures in painting with bacteria as well as his other artistic projects have over a ten-year period provided a fascinating exploration of the unseen relationships at work in the natural world.

His friend Martin Adams has contributed to an obituary covering his life, academic career and long-standing interests in art, nature and microbiology. A link to Martin’s obituary, as well as links to Simon’s artwork can be found here: Obituary: Dr Simon Park, 1964-2021 | University of Surrey.