Micro-Talks abstract submission

We're still accepting abstracts for Micro-Talks!

What is Micro-talks?

Micro-talks is a new seminar series spearheaded by the ECS committee, and aims to be a platform to highlight the work of ECS members (loosely speaking we are looking for PhD students up to those who are starting their own research groups).

We want to replicate the supportive environment of our annual ECS symposium and help our members’ network with each other. 

The advantage we have with this online format is that we hope to be able to engage with even more of our members, and show off the brilliant research our ECS members are working on. 

Talks will go out weekly, with our first on the 23/06/20

The format

Talks will be 15 minutes long and targeted at a broad microbiology audience. It will be hosted as a webinar with a Q&A session afterwards, both of these will then be available to view on the SfAM website for the week (and will later be added to our archive of talks).

We expect these talks to be on a diverse set of topics and a great introduction to the subject areas. 

How to apply   

As this is a different kind of series, we have a different application process. We are asking potential presenters to submit a 2 minute video abstract. These can simply be you talking to camera or involve a few slides. The video abstract should act as a preview to the talk you wish to present, introduce us to the background of the research, the way you are tackling the work, and the potential impact of this research.  If selected these videos will be used as promotional material for the seminar. 

To submit your video abstract, fill in the form by clicking on the panel below. 

Abstract submission closed 22 July 2020.