SfAM publishes data on Executive Committee gender composition

The Society for Applied Microbiology publishes historical diversity data on the Society's Executive Committee.

As a Society, we value diversity and inclusion because we believe all talented microbiologists, whoever they are, should be given full recognition and support, so that we may ensure that the application of microbiology serves the needs of all citizens.

As a Society, our leadership must reflect these values.

To that end, today we are publishing data on the gender composition of the Society's Executive Committee, covering July 2002 to July 2018. This information is available below and will be displayed on the diversity and inclusion page of the SfAM website. From today, we also commit to gather more in-depth data on members within all our committees and subcommittees and will make this publicly accessible.

We require your support to ensure that our Society's leadership fairly represents our vibrant membership. Please consider nominating yourself or a colleague to join our Executive Committee

Gender composition

SfAM executive committee gender composition data
SfAM executive officer gender composition data

Officer roles: President, Vice-President, General Secretary, Treasurer and Meetings Secretary.

NB. Some years have 'incoming' and 'outgoing' Officers, resulting in higher total numbers.