Join the Food Standards Agency's Register of Specialists

06 Feb 2019

Following the recent campaign to expand their Scientific Advisory Committees, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) are now launching a separate exercise to expand their access to experts through the FSA’s Register of Specialists. The Register is a list of pre-approved experts who the FSA may use to commission short pieces of ad hoc scientific and technical work under contract. The FSA is specifically seeking to expand the Register to bring in new experts and to cover new areas of expertise and types of work.

This includes provision of evidence, analysis or expert advice to inform the work of the FSA and their Scientific Advisory Committees on risk assessment and other scientific issues, and other technical advice to inform risk management decisions. In addition, the FSA need experts to provide peer review and appraisal of research questions, research proposals, materials and outputs, and provide other forms of expert advice. The Register covers all areas of expertise relevant to the FSA's remit across the natural, analytical and social sciences.

Your work will contribute directly to ensuring the safety of food, benefitting UK consumers and the effective, evidence-based regulation of food.

If you would like to be considered for the Register, please see the application form and the information pack.  If you are selected to join the Register the FSA will be able to approach you directly to undertake specific pieces of work.  At that stage a day rate will be agreed, and you will be asked for some further administrative information. Inclusion on the Register does not guarantee that you will be called upon to undertake work for the FSA.

The closing date for the current call is midnight on Monday 11th March 2019.

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