WH Pierce 1991- Joint award- GR Gibson and HS Tranter

11 Feb 2019

WH Pierce 1991- Joint award- GR Gibson and HS Tranter

Glenn Gibson is professor of food microbiology, head of Food Microbial Sciences. He co-coined the term ‘prebiotic’ in a paper in 1995 and continued to lead research in the field.

Since then, he’s continued to lead the field of human gut bacteriology, sitting on 5 advisory panels and publishing more than 400 research articles, 10 patents, and 8 books on the topic.

He’s a former president of International Scientific Association for Probiotics and Prebiotics and has led more than 120 research projects, as well as supervising 65 PhD students.

HS Tranter worked for Scottish Environment Protection Agency, University of Bath (Department of Biology and Biochemistry), Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust (Nuffield Department of Medicine), Biotechnology and Biological Sciences Research Council and Imperial College London.

He has published in Journal of Molecular Biology, Applied and Environmental Microbiology, The Lancet and European Journal of Immunology.