WH Pierce 2009: Roy Sleator

05 Feb 2019

WH Pierce 2009: Roy Sleator

Roy is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Biological Sciences and a principal investigator at the Centre for Research in Advanced Therapeutic Engineering (CREATE) at Cork Institute of Technology.

Roy is also founding editor-in-chief of the scientific journal Bioengineered, published by Taylor and Francis. A principal investigator in the APC’s Microbes to Molecules Spoke, Roy has an interest in the design of improved probiotic strains by rational genetic manipulation.

He was awarded the prize for his decade’s work into the molecular mechanisms underlying survival of the various harsh conditions encountered in the intestine.

Roy’s lecture at the 2006 Summer Conference was titled, “Exploring a Pathogen’s ‘Gut Feelings: The Gastrointestinal Phase of Listeria.”