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01 Jul 2019

Annual Report 2018


12 Jun 2019

Early & Mid Career Scientist Opportunities


14 May 2019

SAFEWATER for everyone

How important is clean water to global health? Dr Bill Snelling and the SAFEWATER team talk to students to raise awareness.

Resource   Microbiological environmental monitoring & control   Environmental Microbiology   Bioremediation to clean air, water & soils   Water microbiology

19 Mar 2019

International capacity building grant

Marwan Hussain's study in the UK was co-funded by the Society for Applied Microbiology (SfAM) International Capacity Building Grant and the Council for At-Risk Academics (Cara). He shares why it was important to him.

Resource   Education

06 Nov 2018

Annual Report 2017


08 May 2018

Synthetic fish gut shores up hope for the future

Scientists and industry leaders have launched a new project to build an artificial salmon gut, hoping to better understand fish digestion. Some fresh knowledge in this field can hopefully allow the fish farming industry to continue sustainably, meeting the incremental demand for high quality farmed fish.


01 Jul 2017

Annual Report 2016


01 Jun 2016

Annual Report 2015


01 Jul 2015

Annual Report 2014


01 Jul 2014

Annual Report 2013


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