Experiences of the ECS committee: Agnieszka

Agnieszka Piotrowska, former ECS committee chair, reminisces on time spent on the ECS committee ahead of their 10th annual ECS Research Symposium.

I started my journey on the ECS committee as a member of the steering group in 2011. I soon progressed into an Events Officer at the beginning of 2012 and a bit farther down the line I took over a Communication Officer position. Over those two years, I learnt how the Society works and what its priorities, values and strategy are. During my tenure I also helped to organise the first Early Career Scientist Conference in London. The progression into Chair at the Summer Conference in 2014 was rather natural, considering the years I had served for the Society. From all these years spent on the ECS committee I think I have mostly enjoyed the people, diversity and opportunities given to be actively involved in events organisation and public engagement activities.

I enjoyed every Summer Conference, and every meeting. The most profound memory, however, was a participation in the ASM conference in New Orleans. I went to the conference to present my PhD work and I had an opportunity to travel to the other side of the globe to meet scientists and big names of science from all around the world. Having the experience of active participation in many SfAM events not only enabled me to more easily approach people and network but made me also realise how big my international network already was.

The whole experience of being an active member of the ECS Committee, as well as my time of leadership there, was not only a great privilege but also had a profound impact on my further career. I have met great people I have learnt from, and I mastered many of the softer skills I am using now in my professional life. My thanks go to Mark Fielder, Lucy Harper and Clare Taylor for the opportunity. Thanks as well to my fellow committee members: Emmanuel, Amara, Sabrina, Jana, Claire and many others for their great and committed work and the fantastic memories we made together.

I can now sit back and observe how the ECS committee has evolved, and I am proud to say I once was a part of it!

The 10th annual ECS Research Symposium will be held online from 22-26 March. Find out more here.


Agnieszka Piotrowska

Former ECS Committee Chair